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Re: dpkg testsuite (again)

Quoting Scott James Remnant (scott@netsplit.com):

> > (tridge is already mentioning in his talks about samba4 that "Debian
> > is considering using it for dpkg"...:-)))
> > 
> Heh, which talk of his did you catch where he said that? :p

A talk he gave at the annual SambaXP conference in Gottingen,
Germany. Noel Köthe, the other DD attending the conference, heard the

> Yeah, I'm considering a whole family of stuff from samba; including
> talloc, tdb and the ldap implementation.
> (I've just tried to avoid saying "we'll use LDAP as the dpkg backend
> database" because it'll frighten people).

I as making specific reference to it, indeed...or rather their new ldb

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