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Bug#285857: dpkg-dev: dpkg-shlibdeps should try adding /usr

retitle 285857 dpkg-shlibdeps should better match ldd and dpkg --search results

Le jeu 16 déc 2004 à 15:47:08 +0100, Goswin von Brederlow a tapoté sur son clavier :
> > No, because unless you add /mnt/space/usr to LD_LIBRARY_PATH, ldd will
> > correctly find used librairies in /usr/lib (and this matches dpkg's
> > idea), there's no possible confusion here.
> That sounds right but on amd64 we did have problems with the lib64
> link, libraries showing up as /usr/lib/libfoobar.so instead of
> /usr/lib64/libfoobar.so as dpkg thought. All I'm saying is that I've
> seen this problem before and not in the hurd way. Canonify is the more
> general solution.


Another solution would be (when ldd returns /lib/libbar.so.1.0),
instead of calling dpkg --search /lib/libbar.so.1.0, to
call dpkg --search libbar.so.1.0, which will return

libbar: /usr/lib/libbar.so.1.0

and then check that /lib/libbar.so.1.0 and /usr/lib/libbar.so.1.0
really are the same file: same device, same inode.

It is possible that dpkg --search returns several results: dpkg --search
libm-2.3.2.so for instance (tls and non-tls versions). A loop would
check out which one corresponds to ldd's result.


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