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Bug#285857: dpkg-dev: dpkg-shlibdeps should try adding /usr

Le jeu 16 déc 2004 à 02:40:00 +0100, Goswin von Brederlow a tapoté sur son clavier :

> > Here is a patch to let dpkg-shlibdeps also try adding /usr to library
> > paths, which really works nicely:
> Bad idea. That is just too hardcoded.

The hurd's symlink is as much hardcoded as this.

> The real fix would be to check if the used library and the file dpkg
> knows canonify into the same file.

But how can this be done, provided this:

> > The hurd-i386 port defines /usr to be a symlink to '.', i.e. libraries
> > that are installed in /usr/lib by dpkg actually are installed in /lib
> > (and also appear in /usr/lib).


Since any library which gets installed in /usr/lib will actually be
installed in /lib, ldd will always return that the used library is
/lib/libbar.so, not /usr/lib, while packages will always install them
in /usr/lib (really hard to fix in *every* package !), that can't be
fixed provided the hurd's symlink.

> By the way, the same problem arises if you link /usr to /mnt/space/usr
> or any other linking.

No, because unless you add /mnt/space/usr to LD_LIBRARY_PATH, ldd will
correctly find used librairies in /usr/lib (and this matches dpkg's
idea), there's no possible confusion here.


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