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Only Installed Packages

I ordered a set of Sarge CDs awhile back
and have been playing around with them.
I noticed that when I run dselect and went
into 'Select' I never saw any available
packages - only installed one.  This didn't
happen with Woody.

Yesterday I downloaded the 11.22.04 Sarge
Disc 1 CD image and just installed that and
I'm seeing the same behavior - no available
packages - only installed ones.  If I do an
'apt-cache search' on a given string I do
see a lot of uninstalled packages.

I did a Google search and did see a post
about bug 277174 but it says it's marked
as 'done'.

Has something been changed in Sarge that
requires some step or command-line switch
to have available packages show up in the
'Select' list ?

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