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1.10 branch ready for a translation upload

The 1.10 branch is now ready for a translation upload, provided Scott
has time and motivation for it.

My archive mirror has all up-to-date translations. I have recently
synced it with Scott's archive. I may have messed up a bit with
Changelog and debian/changelog when merging as I had conflicts....this
probably needs to be checked.

Scott, if you intend to make an upload, can you mail me when your
archive copy is ready for that. This would allow me to make a final
sync of my archive with yours and then be completely sure that no
translation is broken.

Simpler solution : just build the package and after that go to po and
run something like:

for i in *po ; do msgfmt -o /dev/null --statistics $i ; done

This should give 19 complete translations with 1016 strings.


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