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Bug#282335: Deliver us from dselect

On 10115 March 1977, David Weinehall wrote:

> You might want to set the time on your computer...
>> > Please remove dpkg's pre-dependency on dselect, thus making it possible
>> > to change Priority of dselect to something other than required.
>> Hell no, dselect is one of the best things in Debian, used daily.
>> (And I know enough people using it and enough Newbies preferring dselect
>> over aptitude and other apt-frontends, just because dselect is much
>> easier to learn.)
> Well, just because you prefer it and use it doesn't necessarily mean
> that everyone should suffer from having to lug around that baggage, just
> like you probably wouldn't want aptitude to be a required package.
> I find it quite amusing that apt, generally regarded by non-Debianers
> as the greatest thing with Debian (something that is not true of course,
> the greatest thing with Debian is the multitude of quality packages,
> the DFSG and our fantastic Developer-community...), is only Priority:
> important, while dselect is Priority: required.

Yeah, after sarge one can change that a bit.

> I have yet to meet a newbie in real life that found dselect easy to use,
> but had problems with aptitude/synaptic/whatever...

Oh, I know 3, from 4 Newbies I helped in the last weeks. They tried
aptitude instead of dselect, because it was announced as easier, but
quickly changed to dselect. :)

> Still, I'm not advocating dropping dselect altogether, I just want it
> possible for us non-dselect-loving Debian-users to remove it from our
> machines (or indeed, to never have it installed in the first place).
>> (Im unfortunately not a good C/C++ programmer or I would help with
>> dselect).
> Good sentiment.

bye Joerg
<Ganneff> kde und tastatur? passt doch nicht mit dem nutzerprofil
	"windepp" zusammen :)

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