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Translation updates

We're only missing the update for Italian ATM.

I got a contact from Stefano Canepa yesterday about it, after I mailed
the Italian translators list. He didn't know that the CVS copy is not
up-to-date so he was wondering about the number of outdated strings.

I sent him a copy of the correct it.po file so we can expect an update

As soon as this update is commited to my archive copy, I propose what

- double check that my archive mirror is OK
- Scott syncs his copy with mine
- I sync back my dpkg-1.10 branch with Scott's one
- I run update.sh and check that there were no new translations broken
- If everything is OK, Scott gets a GO for uploading a new 1.10
  release with complete translations

- All will then depend on Scott's free time for really building and
uploading that version. If this happens, then we will have 18
languages reaching 100% in Debian Installer translations statistics,
which is a nice thing to announce..:-)


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