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Re: how to let dpkg assume a package installed?

Thank you. 
I use this: http://www.princessleia.com/MPlayer.html
and that helps.
Thank you again!

In your mail:
>From: "Harald Dunkel" <harald.dunkel@t-online.de>
>To: bear <xgl99@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn>
>Subject: Re: how to let dpkg assume a package installed?
>bear wrote:
>| hi all
>|        The problem comes from this. I have cvs version mplayer compiled and
>| installed. and I also want debian package version of mozilla-mplayer to be
>| installed. But it depend on mplayer-xxx which I dont want. so how I let
>| package system think there is a mplayer-xxx installed and do not automatically
>| install a mplayer-xxx in aptitude?
>|        Thanks!
>Mozilla-mplayer depends upon either mplayer-386 or mplayer-custom.
>Ever thought about creating your own mplayer-custom debian
>package? You should try.
>The documentation for Debian's build procedures, tools, etc can
>be found here:
>	http://www.debian.org/devel/
>Especially the Debian Policy Manual. I know this is huge.
>I am not through it yet, either.
>Maybe this helps, too: http://www.princessleia.com/MPlayer.html
>Good luck
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