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dpkg branches

I've "locked down" the stable branch for sarge now; and branched it off
into two separate branches.

	dpkg--devel--1.13	is the new development branch
	dpkg--stable--1.10	is the stable branch

You can either create new branches:

	tla tag -S scott@netsplit.com/dpkg--devel--1.13 dpkg--devel--1.13
	tla tag -S scott@netsplit.com/dpkg--stable--1.10 dpkg--stable-1.10

Or, if you prefer, make your own devel and stable branches and join them
to mine (this is voodoo, but you might find it interesting :p):

	tla get dpkg--devo--1.10 ,,dpkg-1.10
	tla star-merge -d ,,dpkg-1.10 scott@netsplit.com/dpkg--devo--1.10
	tla changes -d ,,dpkg-1.10 && tla commit -d ,,dpkg-1.10 -m "make sure I'm up to date"

	tla tag -S dpkg--devo--1.10 dpkg--stable--1.10
	tla get dpkg--stable--1.10 ,,dpkg-new-1.10
	tla join-branch -d ,,dpkg-new-1.10 scott@netsplit.com/dpkg--stable--1.10
	tla star-merge -d ,,dpkg-new-1.10 scott@netsplit.com/dpkg--stable--1.10
	tla commit -d ,,dpkg-new-1.10 -m "join and catch up with Scott's branch"

	tla tag -S dpkg--devo--1.10 dpkg--devel--1.13
	tla get dpkg--devel--1.13 ,,dpkg-1.13
	tla join-branch -d ,,dpkg-1.13 scott@netsplit.com/dpkg--devel--1.13
	tla star-merge -d ,,dpkg-1.13 scott@netsplit.com/dpkg--devel--1.13
	tla commit -d ,,dpkg-1.13 -m "join and catch up with Scott's branch"

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