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Re: Using dpgk -b with CVS sources

On Thu, 2004-05-06 at 14:54 +0100, Enrique Melero wrote:

> I am investigating the possibility to use debian package format for the 
> company I work for. We use CVS and I added a DEBIAN directory with a control 
> file in it for my project in CVS, I have added as well a top level Makefile 
> target 'dpkg' . This target creates all the dpkg-deb required directory 
> structure under a 'build' directory and runs dpkg -b build myproject-1.0 . 
Fair enough -- we used to do something not entirely dissimilar at my
ex-employer's to make debs.

> This works pretty well, but as part of my directory tree bulding I have to 
> carefully delete all CVS subdirectories under my build directory before 
> running dpkg, to avoid ending up with a .deb file full of CVS dirs.
> Is there any way to tell dpkg to ignore CVS or any other file that is not 
> relevant at package time ? I am considering patching dpkg to pass options to 
> tar , in the same manner as we can pass compression level. Does this sound a 
> good idea ?
It's certainly a valid wishlist bug if you want to file one...

Another option is to use cpio to copy the list of files you really want
in the .deb to another directory, then pass that new directory to dpkg.

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