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Using dpgk -b with CVS sources


I am investigating the possibility to use debian package format for the 
company I work for. We use CVS and I added a DEBIAN directory with a control 
file in it for my project in CVS, I have added as well a top level Makefile 
target 'dpkg' . This target creates all the dpkg-deb required directory 
structure under a 'build' directory and runs dpkg -b build myproject-1.0 . 

This works pretty well, but as part of my directory tree bulding I have to 
carefully delete all CVS subdirectories under my build directory before 
running dpkg, to avoid ending up with a .deb file full of CVS dirs.

Is there any way to tell dpkg to ignore CVS or any other file that is not 
relevant at package time ? I am considering patching dpkg to pass options to 
tar , in the same manner as we can pass compression level. Does this sound a 
good idea ?

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