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Bug#213846: happens for me too

I'm not sure why you find it hard to reproduce.  A quick snippet of
IRC conversation from when I first noticed the bug and chatted about it
randomly ...

<willy> aha.
<willy> When dpkg runs out of space on the filesystem, it segfaults.
<joeyh> obvious and useful behavior
<joeyh> fill up the FS more with a core file
<willy> yes, i really appreciated that.
<joeyh> heh, I have seen that during d-i testing, I remember
<joeyh> install to a 64 mb filesystem

I have my corefile limit set to 0 so I don't have a core to send you.
It doesn't seem to be terribly difficult to reproduce.  In my situation,
I was installing xlibmesa-dri-dbg_4.3.0-0pre1v5_ia64.deb over the same
package version which was in a half-installed state.

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