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Bug#189552: dpkg: xlibs 4.2.1-6 package fails silently

Am Freitag, den 16.Mai 2003 um 13:15 schrieb Dan Kegel:
> re: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=189552
> Here's what I did before I got into this jam.  I had a filter problem
> (stairstepping), and lamely decided to uninstall and reinstall magicfilter.
> To avoid losing any local changes to /etc/magicfilter,
> I renamed it /etc/magicfilter.old before doing the uninstall.
> I have a feeling this blew dpkg's little mind.

You could try to 
1) cp /etc/magicfilter, instead of renaming it
2) rename it, then delete/remove /var/lib/magicfilter.*

and then try to reinstall it.
Method 2 is dirty, but worked for me under different circumstances,
if dpkg cannot find magicfilter.list, it will assume magicfilter
wasn't installed; maybe this could lead dpkg to install all files

And if it does, we're a little bit closer in finding the reason for
this dpkg "feature"

> Now I just want to know how to get magicfilter to install... maybe I
> should use alien to convert it to an rpm and install it with rpm :-)

Maybe, but pray that dpkg doesn't find out ;)

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