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Bug#193653: Please apply this patch for Triggers

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> > please apply this patch, which introduced support for triggers. The patch
> > is written by Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au> to allow the selinux
> > package to set the file contexts after package installations.
> Sorry, this patch can't go in at the moment.
Then first I suggesst to tag wontfix for now.

> The people who develop dpkg have decided that they want to do something
> better than what I did.  Some of their suggestions sound really good.
Can you give a link to the discussion?

> For an upgrade of many packages the upgrade will need to be done in
> single-user mode with enforcing turned off, and the root, /var, and /usr
> file systems will need to be relabeled and the machine rebooted.  :(
Not very nice, for servers or things like that.

> This is nasty, but it's what all non-Debian SE Linux users have been
> dealing with.
Yes, it's a problem to be solved. I've already serveral ideas, but most of 
them consume to much resources and need a transaction API in the filesystem 
like in databases. The part of selinux could be solved easily. I haven't look 
deep into dpkg. But the part which creates the file has to apply the rules 
via open_secure. This could be solved by a preloaded library, overriding 

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