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Bug#192439: Hit this as well

reassign 192439 apt

Yann Dirson schrieb am Freitag, 09. Mai 2003 um 16:41:29 +0200:
> I hit this problem as well.  To be precise, whereas "apt-get update"
> succeeds (or seems to), "dselect update" fails with:
> Merging Available information
> E: Internal Error, Unable to parse a package record
> update available list script returned error exit status 100.
> Press <enter> to continue.

This is definitly no problem with dselect.

This is a problem with apt-cache.

In /usr/lib/dpkg/methods/apt/update line 29
there is a  'apt-cache dumpavailable > somewhere'
If you try this command you'll see it will fail with the mentioned
error. I reassign this to apt. 
I'll try to track this down this weekend if I'll find some spare time.

Heute ist nicht alle Tage, ich komm' wieder, keine Frage!!!


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