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Bug#191810: dpkg: would like support for comment character in control files

reassign 191810 dpkg-dev

On Sat, 3 May 2003, Branden Robinson wrote:

> Package: dpkg
> Version: 1.10.10
> Severity: wishlist
> It would be nice to have support for a comment character or other
> comment field in control files, so that people can put CVS/Subversion
> keywords, Vim modelines, pending new control paragraphs, etc. in there.

After talking on irc, I changed my suggestion to Branden to have this a dpkg
bug.  He only wants comment support in debian/control.  There is no sense in
having it in status or in debs.

I'd like to see it implemented with both single line comments, and block
comments, so one could disable entire parts of the file, without having to
reformat anything.

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