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Bug#178382: dpkg install multiple versions of programs

On Sat, Jan 25, 2003 at 11:13:47AM -0800, solo turn wrote:
> Package: dpkg
> Version: all
> is there a possibility to install packages, and then "activate" the
> software? you would need 2 directories:
> 1. installation directory
> 2. activation directory
> why somebody would need this?
> 1. you are able to separate the task of copying
>    the software (install), and adding the software
>    to paths or linking to the right directories.
> 2. this is good, if you have to distribute software
>    to thousands of computers
> 3. this is good if your software is unstable, and 
>    you want to switch back fast.

You could do this with alternatives, like what is already done for major
versions of other programs (like python 1.5/2.0/2.1/2.2).

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