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Bug#178382: dpkg install multiple versions of programs

Package: dpkg
Version: all

is there a possibility to install packages, and then "activate" the
software? you would need 2 directories:
1. installation directory
2. activation directory

why somebody would need this?

1. you are able to separate the task of copying
   the software (install), and adding the software
   to paths or linking to the right directories.
2. this is good, if you have to distribute software
   to thousands of computers
3. this is good if your software is unstable, and 
   you want to switch back fast.

an example:
- install subversion to /export/opt/subversion/0.16/
- activate subversion to /opt/subversion
  by: ln -s /export/opt/subversion/0.16 /opt/subversion
- if you upgrade, 
  - you install to /export/opt/subversion/0.17
  - you deactivate version 0.16.
  - you activate version 0.17.
- later on, you might remove version 0.16.

another example:
- install java to /export/opt/jdk/1.4.1_05
- activate java to /opt/jdk
  this also creates softlinks /opt/bin/java
  or adds /opt/jdk/bin to paths

thanks for your attention .....

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