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Bug#175770: dpkg-dev: dpkg-scansources man page "prog"

Previously Martin Quinson wrote:
> AFAIK, you're moving to DocBook sgml, not xml. At least, that's what you did
> put in the cvs...

Temporarily, since I haven't been able to get docbook/xml to work
properly on my system. If you look closer at the file you'll see that
except for the doctype it mostly is valid xml.

> You're speaking about poxml, I guess. It has several limitation over po4a.
> For example, the way translators can add a section in the translation to
> explain who did the translation, and where to repport bugs isn't very
> natural.

Since dpkg translators should be reachable through the debian-dpkg list
anyway I don't consider that a very important drawback. I'm willing to
look at other tools such as yours though.


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