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Bug#175770: dpkg-dev: dpkg-scansources man page "prog"

Previously Martin Quinson wrote:
> I think that putting the documentation along the code is the a very good
> solution to get developpers documenting their changes.

The problem here is CVS, which has a broken idea that a commit can not
span multiple files.

Also note that we are slowly moving to switching to docbook
documentation for everything in dpkg, including manpages.

>   We are thinking about other modules, like wml (web meta language),
>   texinfo, XML, HTML and others.

gettext for XML already exists, and I would like to use that instead..

> So, translating pod documentation is as easy as translating man pages (or
> even easier), and pod is far simpler to write for programmers, which is
> another argument for saying that pod documentation is potentially better
> maintained...

docbook is just as easy. The whole issue is somewhat moot since all perl
will disappear from dpkg anyway :)


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