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Bug#77324: dpkg wish: conditional dependencies

Moin Wichert!
Wichert Akkerman schrieb am Saturday, den 18. November 2000:

> > After looking at #72264 I think it would be a nice feature to have conditional
> > dependencies in dpkg. That means dependencies of the type "if package a
> > is installed, you must install package b". I don't know if it is possible to
> > implement but I think this would be a useful feature.
> Great, more stuff in the BTS that won't be done in years.

Great, now we have a TODO site where you could put this problem on, with
a few description about what is needed to do. The feature still does
make sense in many cases.

Jan 02 02:27:04 <Zomb> re
Jan 02 02:27:13 <walters> the first step will be to improve UTF-8 support in general.
Jan 02 02:27:19 <Zomb> oh, we still need kinda Implizit-Depends: flag for dpkg
Jan 02 02:27:20 * aph writing requirements for a job, sooooo boring
Jan 02 02:27:28 <Zomb> something you only depend on when another packge exists
Jan 02 02:27:28 <walters> development versions of gnome-terminal already support it fairly well
Jan 02 02:27:42 <walters> then the next version is to switch apps to using it as the default.
Jan 02 02:27:56 <Zomb> for example, "task-french" package as implizit dependency on kde-i18n-fr
Jan 02 02:28:04 <Zomb> no kde, no dependency
Jan 02 02:28:09 <Zomb> KDE installed, dependency appears
Jan 02 02:28:29 <doogie> enhances
Jan 02 02:28:59 <Zomb> doogie: well, supported by which tools?
Jan 02 02:29:02 <aph> Zomb: hmmm... kinda like, if pkg X is installed, we also want pkg Y
Jan 02 02:29:29 <aph> I would call that "conditional depends/recommends/suggests"
Jan 02 02:29:30 <Zomb> aph: exactly, something I miss dealing with localisation issues
Jan 02 02:29:40 <-- walters has quit ("out")
Jan 02 02:29:53 <-- plopix has quit ("leaving")
Jan 02 02:29:55 <aph> it could probably be done by enhancing the current depends syntax
Jan 02 02:30:06 <aph> analogous to what they did with the arch-specific depends
Jan 02 02:30:10 <Zomb> I don't know why
Jan 02 02:30:20 <Zomb> maybe something like Depends: foo & bar
Jan 02 02:30:23 <Zomb> logical and
Jan 02 02:30:30 <aph> hmm, yah
Jan 02 02:31:16 <aph> kinda; more like, if foo then bar
Jan 02 02:32:08 <Zomb> hmmm
Jan 02 02:32:22 <Zomb> logical term: (foo & bar) || true
Jan 02 02:32:27 <Stric> foo -> bar
Jan 02 02:32:47 <Zomb> or even so

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