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HELP, PLEASE!! Apt-Get update Errors

I have tried solving this, but I have had no luck.  Whenever I run APT-GET 
UPDATE, it fails.  I keep getting the same error; UNABLE TO
PARSE PACKAGE FILE  /VAR/LIB/DPKG/STATUS (1).  I would really appreciate
someone telling me how to resolve this.  I am running the testing (with some
packages from the unstable) branch of Debian 3.0.  Everything else works just

Is there a tool that can tell me explicitly what the problem is.  Like what 
line it fails on, or whether the whole file is bad.  It has been like this 
for awhile.  I can still install using dpkg, but not apt.  In fact, nothing 
that I try to do with apt seems to work.  I tried running APT-CACHE 
gencaches, but the same error occurs.  APT-CACHE stats produces a 
segmentation fault.

If this problem is restricted only to APT, how do I fix it?  I have 
reinstalled APT, but get the same error.

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