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Bug#170492: dpkg-dev: scanpackages

Package:	dpkg-dev
Version:	1.10.9

I have a rather interesting problem. According to the
APT How To 


I can use

  dpkg-scanpackages /debs * > /debs/packages


  dpkg-scanpackages /debs * | gzip > /debs/packages.gz

to get package information for dselect to use.

I have two machines:

	486 with isa modem
	P3 with winmodem

Both have debian 2.2.19pre17 loaded.

Using "dpkg -i" to install "dpkg-dev_1.10.9_all.deb"
on either machine results in six dependancy problems,
so they are likely equivalent update & package wise.

I have used "dpkg -x dpkg-dev* /" to get the binaries
and man pages for the "dpkg-scan????" commands I need.

The 486 might possibly have some newer files since I
was able to get the modem to work to acquire package
info, and update base files etc, although I'm not sure
this has been done. The commands above DO NOT work on
this machine.

The P3 likely does NOT have newer files since I cannot
get the modem to work to acquire package info. The
commands above DO work on this machine.

I find it a little confusing that the states of the
machines software wise is essentially the same, yet
one command works on one and not the other. Also, it
is strange that the machine likely to have older files
is the one on which the command does work!

Got any suggestions as to why? Is there something
particular to "dpkg-scan????" that I need to load or
look for which may be different on each machine? It
seems to me if just extracting the binaries works on
one, it should also work on the other (lazily


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