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Bug#160424: dpkg lock file should be in /var/lock

] The FHS says:
]   5.6  /var/lock : Lock files
]   Lock files should be stored within the /var/lock directory
]   structure.

While it does say this, that section mainly goes on to discuss device
locking (for the serial port, and suchlike). Elsewhere it explains:

]        Editor-specific lock files are usually quite different from the device
]        or resource lock files that are stored in /var/lock and, hence, are
]        stored under /var/lib.

I'm not sure it's fair to say that dpkg's locks (on /var/lib/dpkg/status)
are more like device locks than those made by editors. 

The FHS also indicates that /var/lock can't be shared between machines. Is
it plausible to share /var/lib/dpkg amongst machines? It seems like
it could be, as long as they have the exact same files installed. In
that case it would probably be better to have the dpkg lock shared too,
so you don't accidently start two dpkg's on different machines just as
you wouldn't on a single machine.

FWIW, etc.


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