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Bug#155741: dselect: disabling color now causes garbage to be displayed

Here's a possible clue.  When I manage to get the help screen to display
without garbage while TERM=xterm-mono, I get this:

quit, exit, overwrite (note capitals!):
 return  confirm, quit (check dependencies)
   q     confirm, quit (override dep.s)
 x, esc  exit, abandoning any changes made
   r     revert to state before this list
   u     set all to suggested state
   d     set all to directly requested state

Notice that the "capitals" are lower case!  In color mode, the letters
are capitalized properly:

Quit, exit, overwrite (note capitals!):
 Return  Confirm, quit (check dependencies)
   Q     Confirm, quit (override dep.s)
 X, Esc  eXit, abandoning any changes made
   R     Revert to state before this list
   U     set all to sUggested state
   D     set all to Directly requested state

That's really bizarre.


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