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Bug#151629: dselect help exit

I remember being annoyed at dselect help when I first started using it and 
having to learn that space was exit(I don't remember what I thought it 
should be). But as a long time user of dselect I really don't like the new 
change. Here's why,

- I have to admin both pre and post change systems so the difference is 
annoying. I now know about --expert but I admin so many debian systems that 
I can't expect to always have that setup when I login to a system.

- I have learned from years of using dselect that hitting "enter" is 
something that commits changes and shouldn't be done lightly. Having 
space(or anything but enter) as the exit help key is more pleasing to the 
soul since I don't have worry about it.

- dselect is legacy. If you want to fix the usablity of something go fuck 
with one of the newer frontends. The people still using dselect like it as 
it is, warts and all.

Please change it back.

Matt Taggart

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