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RE: where should patches be sent?

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> From: Wichert Akkerman [mailto:wichert@wiggy.net] 
> Previously Robert Collins wrote:
> > Cool. There's really only the one bugfix for that manpage.
> I'll commit that one, it's obviously correct.

> > The rest are all portability changes for cygwin. I'll update my
> > working code to HEAD this weekend, and start splitting out and
> > generating changelogs for the patches. 
> Ah, interesting. And of course just when I'm about to go on vacation
> as well :)

Of course :}.

I'll give you a quick run-down, so if anything looks like it will be
problematic for acceptance, I can schedule it in my todo list.

1) Alter debian/rules to be .exe extension aware (only affects cygwin).
2) Alter all chmod root.root / install -o root -g root in debian/rules
be $(ROOTUSER).$(ROOTGROUP)/ -o $(ROOTUSER) -g $(ROOTGROUP), with the 
default values being root and root. Cygwin users override on the command
line (perhaps in the future automagically) with their appropriate root
user and group values. (i.e. Administrator and Administrators).
3) Alter all (found) instances of root checking in .c or scripts to use
checks instead. (i.e. try and fail, rather than assume failure). (Only
affects cygwin).
4) A few timing calls in some perl scripts, to help address in-use file
replacement races. This is both a partial fix, and not-really-needed as
dpkg should not be installing stuff with cygwin - setup.exe is used for
that. Still, if something is going to be done, do it right.
5) (in progress) a cygwin-i386 start-stop-service implementation.

In the future there will also be a file mode set of patches, to force
binary or text mode reading and writing on appropriate files. That's not
even started yet.


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