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Re: highly touted package management tools vs. modem user

>> Indeed it seems dselect is now right out, never usable again, as it
>> now asks:
>> 17 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0  not upgraded.
>> Need to get 6310kB of archives. After unpacking 5915kB will be freed.
>> Do you want to continue? [Y/n]

M> All you have to do to fix this is go through all of those 17 packages in
M> dselect and mark them as 'purge'. They are probably currently marked as
M> 'install', which is why dselect wants to install them.

well then I am in a dilemma, as I still want to use the current
versions.  Perhaps you mean purge them then install them again from
the CDs.  The other choice would to be to agree ti the 6310kB of
downloads.   Anyway, I have messed up dselect.  Sorry to play the role
of the confused user here and say, "clear the problem by "deselecting
dselect itself" (reinstalling dselect) but i just wanted those in the
Debian Towers (cf. Lars' Gnus Towers) to know that user friendly has
not been achieved.  By the way, wish there was a chart of how the many
package management tools interdepend.

By the way, in dselect, those 17 packages, along with all the 1000
others are all marked "***" (installed install install).  One must
look for other hints on the screen that their fate will be different
once one hits "3. [I]nstall   Install and upgrade wanted packages.".
Just wanted to let you know this "valuable first impression" that one
wouldn't notice if he's not a newbie.  Anyways, I suppose aptitude
fixes that but i didn't check.

M> My method was to have the apt-cdrom generated URLs in my sources.list
M> for most of the time. Any package that I wanted would come from the CDs.
M> If I wanted to get a more up-to-date package for a security or bug fix,
M> I would change the sources.list to point to a debian mirror on the

ah, but never remove or comment out those CD's.
I think I don't have to remove the online sources in sources.list when
offline, but that's because i use wwwoffle ...

M> internet, put up with the 2Mb download with the 'apt-get update',
M> install the package specifically with 'apt-get install package', and
M> then switch back to the CD-only setup afterwards.

oh, I see, you didn't remove the CD lines.
Anyway, you switch back to the CD-only setup, throwing away the
results of your 2MB download.  What if in a couple of days you want to
install package xxx.  Since you threw away the 2MB list you will never
know that a newer version exits and instead just get the old one off
the CD.  At least with wwwoffle giving that 2MB "passifier in the
baby's mouth" you will be aware that there is a newer version, even
though the 2MB list is a few days old.

I don't suppose any non manual alternative.
Actually it would be neat to just regularly download a list of current
package numbers...

M> Have you tried browsing the package description pages on
M> debian.org?

OK, I will look for the list of current package numbers there.

dpj> If you're using CDs only then you should comment out any online
dpj> sources in /etc/apt/sources.list. Just uncomment them when you do
dpj> want to use online sources, and of course run 'apt-get update'.

Yes but that immediately throws away the 2MB that is still useful for
a while afterward.

That way one would recall that he once saw much newer information in
his package management menus or whatever, but now all that has to be
thrown away to the bleak view of months ago when all he had was the CD
set.  Or something like that.  I'm not sure, I'm a debian newbie.

nate> if your not connected to the net then there is very little to
nate> worry about when it comes to security in most cases.

During my brief connects they will compromise my firewall because I'm
not up to date, maybe.

G> I just don't understand your many rants.

Just trying to remind authors that a lot of this stuff might not be
too easy to understand.  Oops, sorry. I know, "go use Mandrake" then.

By the way
$ apt-get -s -d upgrade    
The following packages have been kept back
  galeon libnspr4 libnss3 mozilla mozilla-browser mozilla-mailnews mozilla-psm 
uh oh.  now what did i do.  hmmm, no --verbose to tell me if this is
bad or good or normal or if i will stunt my growth, etc.

I will see the bottoms of some of your replies next time i connect.
Using google groups today until i get my gmane.org nntp noffle file adjusted.
http://jidanni.org/ Taiwan(04)25854780

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