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Bug#151965: dpkg-dev: time mismatchs at extracting source packages


Rene Engelhard wrote:
> This happens on _all_ packages (I tried with fileutils, kover,
> kdevelop, glibc).

glibc was wrong, that works, there are no timestamp warnings. The
other tree had the warnings.

Now, I am confused. Some packages does show the behaviour, some not.

I tried further with

 - cdcd					warnings
 - libqt2 (qt-x11 source package)	warnings
 - dpkg					no warnings
 - apt					no warnings
 - aptitude				no warnings
 - autotools-dev			no warnings
 - mutt					no warnings 
 - slrn					warnings
 - cddb	(source package xmcd)		warnings
 - quanta				warnings
What's the matter here?

Bug in dpkg-source? Bugs in the packages? If second, what causes
dpkg-source to print out these warnings?

1.9.21 did no warnings.



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