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Bug#141500: dpkg: start-stop-daemon, new glibc nice(2) patch


I have already published on debian-dpkg a patch that correct
the usage of nice() [1].
This is not only a glibc problem, it also a bad usage of a broken function 
(nice()) in start-stop-daemon.

I wrote a piece of code that is fully compliant with modern standart
(use set/getpriority() instead of nice() if available). With it, 
start-stop-daemon --nicelevel option will work on almost all Unix98, X/open,
 System V, BSD compatible systems (i hope ;)

I'm not a debian developper, i hope you don't care of that.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-dpkg/2002/debian-dpkg-200204/msg00017.html

PS: i already know there's a fix in the CVS, i can repost my patch
diff'ed against the CVS.

PS2: i really want my patch to be included in future release,
can you really flame me for that ?

Yann Droneaud      <ydroneaud@meuh.eu.org>     +33 6 88 40 82 43
<ydroneaud@tuxfamily.org> <yann.droneaud@iupmime.univ-lemans.fr>
1024D/BEA43321 5D91 B5B0 5137 B8FE 6882 FE19 CAA0 6F05 BEA4 3321
http://www.meuh.eu.org/       http://www-iupmime.univ-lemans.fr/

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