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Re: portability of dpkg decreasing?

Previously Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> from a few changes in the dpkg package I get the feeling that
> portability is not any more one of the highest prioritys (which I
> thought was one of Wicherts prioritys, at least)?

Interesting how you say that after patches have been merged to support
HP-UX, FreeBSD patches are coming in now and someone is working on AIX
support as well.

> There is for example the va_copy thing, but also now (in cvs) the
> libintl.h dependency. this last has not been there for long.

libintl.h disappearing seems to be a bug in the gettext package,
that uses intl.h but ships with libgnuintl.h. So please file a 
bug there (severity serious at least I'ld say since dropping libintl.h
will break things miserably).

> The configure test for both is in place, but is not evaluated or the
> absence is not resolved in any productiv way. the build just fails. 

Guess what, utsl@quic.net submitted a patch for that while working
on FreeBSD support.

> Or is portability really not so improtant any more?

You really should look a bit harder before making such statements.


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