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Bug#133050: dpkg package should depend on sysvinit

On Sat, Feb 09, 2002 at 06:27:06AM +0000, Pedro Gimeno wrote:
> Package: dpkg
> Version: 1.9.18 (testing)
> When upgrading dpkg from the stable (potato) version to the testing
> (woody?) version, it complains about the script update-rc.d being
> missing. This script, which was formerly in dpkg, has been moved to
> sysvinit but dpkg does not require sysvinit.

Nothing should have to depend on an essential package (which sysvinit
is), and nothing should have a versioned dep on an essential package
(makes for bad dep loops).

There's two solutions with this (which I had to similarly go through
with libc6 and libdb.so.3 disappearing).

1) The new dpkg checks to see if it is upgrading from a version that
contained update-rc.d. If it is, the preinst copies that script to
update-rc.d.bak, and in postinst, copies it back. If sysvinit is then
installed, it will overwrite dpkg's old (unmaintained in the dpkg
database) version. This is what I do in libc6 for libdb.so.3.

2) This way was suggested to me for libc6, but I never got around to
testing it. It works the same as above except that instead of copying,
you use dpkg-divert to change where dpkg thinks the file is, in preinst.
Do not use the rename feature of dpkg-divert. This way, when dpkg starts
disappearing files that are no longer in the new package, it will try to
unlink() update-rc.d.old, and leave the original update-rc.d.

Number two is probably a safer bet since the script never disappears
(while in #1 there's a small window where update-rc.d would be gone),
but like I said, I haven't tested it.


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