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Bug#132632: dpkg: update-alternatives still not right, I think

itz> Shouldn't "update-alternatives --remove" do its work when the
itz> package providing the currently selected alternative is being
itz> removed, even if the alternative is in manual mode?  It could
itz> select the highest-priority remaining alternative and switch back
itz> to auto mode.

Wichert> It should already do that, with this bit of code:

Wichert> } elsif ($state eq 'nonexistent') { if ($manual eq 'manual')
Wichert> { &pr("$altdir/$name has been deleted, returning to automatic
Wichert> selection.")  if $verbosemode > 0; $manual= 'auto'; } }

Wichert> does that not work for you?

As far as I can see, no.  Installing, configuring as the default wm,
and then removing the current version of sawfish (
leaves behind broken /usr/bin/x-window-manager.  I looked at the code
in sawfish' prerm where it calls update-alternatives and it seems

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