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Re: RFC: shorten translatable messages, eliminate fuzzy, and more

On Wed, Jul 18, 2001 at 01:18:33AM +0400, Alexey Mahotkin wrote:
> Another near-standing issue is fuzzy translations that occur right
> after updating of .po-files.  In short, fuzzy translations are evil.
> I really did fixed fuzzy translation of string "Verifying package"
> that was substituted with translation for "Removing package".  I can
> imagine what did the admin that saw such a message felt. :)

msgfmt normally does not include fuzzy entries in the generated
translations file.  It only includes them if you use msgfmt -f.
(This is poorly documented, but it's stated in the "Translated Entries"
node of the gettext info.)

Richard Braakman

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