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Re: Inprogress patches for "dpkg-lsb" archive backend available.

Joey Hess wrote:
> Albert den Haan wrote:
> > I have extended dpkg to guess the archive format from the archive filename
> > argument.  If the filename ends in .lsb then its assumed the dpkg-lsb
> > backend is relevant.  This required distinguishing the dpkg-query backend
> > from the archive backends.
> Huh, I didn't think dpkg guessed this based on filename. Guessing by
> filename is pretty error-prone (actually, I wish that alien used a more
> intelligent check, but coding one is hard since magic files vary from
> distro to distro).

It didn't, now it does for this proof of concept.  I have problems with
this too.

Maybe a file(1) style check set up in a config file in /etc/dpkg/

> > In the interests of getting this done fast I hooked chunks of perl code
> > from the modules of alien.  Thank you Joey!
> Frightning. :-) Hm, you didn't use the newer alien, but whatever works,
> I guess..

Yep, this is the potato version of alien.  I wanted to just whack it
together and forgot that you might have improved things.

> BTW, and FWIW, I do hope to make alien support .lsb packages (no matter
> what format they are), in the future. .lsb packages should offer the
> possibility of some much more intelligent handling than what it can do
> for eg, plain old rpms.)

Having alien support .lsb packages would work, but the package rebuilding
would be unnecessary if the LSB execution environment and package Provides:
exist.  Just unpack the right files in the right directories and tell dpkg
to install them.


Albert den Haan, Lead Developer @ Linux Port Team . Corel Corporation
albertd@corel.com  (613) 728-0826 x 5318

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