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Re: Inprogress patches for "dpkg-lsb" archive backend available.

Albert den Haan wrote:
> I have extended dpkg to guess the archive format from the archive filename
> argument.  If the filename ends in .lsb then its assumed the dpkg-lsb
> backend is relevant.  This required distinguishing the dpkg-query backend
> from the archive backends. 

Huh, I didn't think dpkg guessed this based on filename. Guessing by
filename is pretty error-prone (actually, I wish that alien used a more
intelligent check, but coding one is hard since magic files vary from
distro to distro).

> In the interests of getting this done fast I hooked chunks of perl code
> from the modules of alien.  Thank you Joey!  

Frightning. :-) Hm, you didn't use the newer alien, but whatever works,
I guess..

BTW, and FWIW, I do hope to make alien support .lsb packages (no matter
what format they are), in the future. .lsb packages should offer the
possibility of some much more intelligent handling than what it can do
for eg, plain old rpms.)

see shy jo

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