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FWD: dpkg totally broken. some more details inside.

I thought this was fixed in 1.4?

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From: "Forrest English" <forrest@truffula.net>
Date: 03 May 2001 19:36:12 PDT
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Subject: dpkg totally broken.  some more details inside.
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grickle:~# dpkg --configure -a
dpkg: /home/doogie/debian/mine/dpkg/v1_9/dpkg-1.9.4/main/packages.c:191:
process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed.

due to earlier nastyness with dpkg segfaulting and stuff, i've got a
bunch of packages that just didn't install correctly.	so now whenever i
try and apt anything, or do the above...   i get that message.

what in the heck is going on?  without dpkg, life is pretty dull....  

Forrest English

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