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Re: Installing from scratch with debs

On Sun, Mar 11, 2001 at 11:32:27AM -0800, David Whedon wrote:
> Have you looked at the package 'debootstrap'?  It does much of what you are
> looking for. Perhaps you can look at that and coordinate with Anthony Towns so
> you two aren't doing duplicate work.

No I haven't, thanks.  (But I have already finished the installation
and I don't plan on doing it again soon.)

> > 1. dpkg won't do anything at all if /var/lib/dpkg doesn't exist and
> >    doesn't contain two files (status, available) and two directories
> >    (info, updates).  They can all be empty, but you have to create
> >    them by hand.  I don't see why dpkg doesn't create these if they
> >    don't exist.
> I agree that this would be nice.  Perhaps file a wishlist bug against dpkg?

bug #89327.

> > base-config has serious bugs at present.  Passwords are echoed to the
> > screen, and it does some ridiculous grep loop over the password file
> > which takes about five minutes to complete.  With no indication of
> > what's happening.  I thought it had wedged.  Finally, it gets
> > seriously confused when it hits the bit about running tasksel or
> > dselect, and errors out.  I wound up setting up shadow MD5 passwords
> > and accounts by hand - this is not hard.
> ick, have bugs been filed?

bugs #89324 and #89325, echoing passwords and hanging for two minutes,
respectively.  I don't remember enough details about what happened
when it tried to run tasksel to file a coherent bug report.


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