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dpkg segfaults

Wichert Akkerman writes:

> Dan managed to come up with a way to reproduce a dpkg segfault. After
> some poking around with dpkg the problem turned out to be that the
> filelist was being written over the package information. Oops!

Do you have any more details about how to reproduce the fault?

> The problem seems to be a patch applied to main/filesdb.c on Dec 5 1999
> (http://cvs.debian.org/dpkg/main/filesdb.c.diff?r1=1.10&r2=1.11&cvsroot=dpkg)
> which was included in dpkg 1.6.1 or 1.6.2. The patch came from Richard
> Kettlewell and reduces the dpkg memory uses.
> I'm going to sit down tonight and carefully go over that patch to
> see if I can figure out what it does wrong. If I can't figure it out
> I'll guess I'll undo it (and reintroduce --smallmem as well I
> guess).  Richard, this was your patch, I expect some feedback from
> you as well :)

I can't initially see what the problem might be, but I'll have another
look later.

I do notice that (in the presence of the patch in question) all
references to the static variable fnvb in function
ensure_packagefiles_available() should be safely removable, but I
doubt that this is directly relevant.


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