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Re: Perl essential ?

Glenn, et al,

There's perlcc, also. I advise checking it out. Be sure to `ldd' it; if it
links against some perl .so or another, there may be a problem, but at
least you don't have to include the interpreter in Essential in this case.



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On Fri, 2 Mar 2001, Glenn McGrath wrote:

> >From my count there are 24 essential binaries, totalling 6550kB of
> linux-i386 debs.
> Perl-base is one of them at 840kB, ~13% of total essential size.
> I just unpacked all the essential binaries except perl, did "grep perl
> -r *" and found the following depend on perl
> debianutils: mkboot
> dpkg: mksplit
> dpkg: setup
> dpkg: install
> dpkg: update-rc.d
> dpkg: update-alternatives
> dpkg: install-info
> dpkg: dpkg-devert
> dpkg: dpkg-stateoverride
> dpkg: cleanup-info
> util-linux: checkdupexe
> find . -name "*pm" didnt find anything.
> (any other test i should have done ?)
> Would it be a good long term goal to remove perl from Esssential and
> rewrite these scripts for a posix compliant shell or in c.
> Im dont know much about perl or these scripts, but im good with c and ok
> with sh scripts, if i did work on non-perl replacements would they be
> welcome ?
> Glenn
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