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Re: dpkg-scanlibs

On Sun, Feb 25, 2001 at 10:29:43PM -0600, Jon Nelson wrote:
> Eeek!  You misunderstand the root problem here, I think.
> Python uses indent level to represent blocks.  If those indent levels
> are different in different editors, you *change* what the program does.
> Unlike in C, where indentation doesn't matter, who cares? But with
> Python, it can be vital. You choose 8.  So does wichert. I like 2 in python,
> 4 in everything else.  Most of the Python community seems to prefer
> either 2 or 4, and rarely 8. So what? If it is done with spaces it is 
> unimportant, but done with tabs it's vital.

And people tell me that _I'm_ silly when I say I refuse to use syntastic


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