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Re: Differentaial deb packages (debiff)

On Fri, 19 Jan 2001, Jody McIntyre wrote:

> I personally think that this is an excellent idea that should be implemented in dpkg.  I
> realize that it is not being done with the main distribution to allow mirrors to save disk
> space.  However, adding this capability would allow other groups (e.g. Helixcode) to
> offer differential updates if they wanted.  So why not add it?

I just took 10 minutes, and added this feature to dpkg(as well as dpkg-dev),
dinstall(dak), and apt.  You can expect to start seeing a new file on the
mirrors, called .debiff.

I see no reason for this to be in base-line dpkg.  If these other locations
want to have this feature, then why can't these other locations develop the
infrastructure to support it?

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