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Re: New field proposed, UUID

* Reimer, Fred <Fred.Reimer@eclipsys.com> [001129 17:03]:
> The "easy" answer to that is that the version should automatically get
> bumped for user builds much like the kernel compile # is for Linux.  The
> maintainers, when generating an "official" version, can specify the exact
> version when they compile the package, but it should automatically increment
> for user builds.  Possibly not the "main" version number, but a sub-version
> number or equivalent.

[Much snipped because it was getting awful ugly.]

It would seem to me that a user downloading and compiling a package from
source already has decided to worry about whatever is involved. If this
means the user cannot simply run `foo command package' to see if theirs
matches a signed copy, isn't that their own fault? (Some would say
`decision', perhaps. :)

Why bend over backwards to support folks who compile their own packages
locally without taking the simple step of changing the package
identifier, as we all already do for our kernels?

Curiously yours,

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