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Re: Can I use dpkg -i to install in /usr/local or /opt?

W. Borgert wrote:

> Thanks, I read it but I still don't understand it.  It is clear
> for me that Debian does not place any files under /usr/local/.
> My proposal was not to change this!  If we say, only the sysadmin
> is allowed to put files under /usr/local/, do we also say she
> isn't allowed to use advanced tools to place files there?  But
> if we allow the sysadmin to put files under /usr/local/ using
> advanced tools, why shouldn't it be dpkg.  Note: As I wrote in
> my other mail, I think the /var/lib/dpkg database should not be 
> involved, if files under non-standard directories are placed!

Somewhere between the lines it seems, that the distribution will
not make or change tools to work with /usr/local.

Well, actually, I built packages for /usr/local myself (limited
general use, restricting licenses a.s.o.). I tweaked the installation
by debhelper to accept my paths. It was not too difficult, but
could have been better. So I filed wishlist bug reports against
debhelper and lintian, to work with /usr/local too. The points raised
in the discussion were essentially the same as the ones you read.
Hence, I'm still using the procedure for some programs :-), but there
will be no support from the distribution. 

> Of course, not all packages can be placed under non-standard
> directories, but most packages wouldn't raise this problem.
> In fact, most programs I know, use the ./configure --prefix
> option only for the install target in the Makefile, in most
> cases nothing is hard-coded into the binary!

Well, a lot of programs will probably work. However, you may get
strange unexplainable bugs, too.



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