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Re: I18n of Packages files

Michael Bramer wrote:
> 1.) all use apt 

Demonstratably not true. Search the back list archives for people who
have stated they do not use apt. See Red Carpet, which presumably
someone actually uses. Etc.

> 4.) only the dpkg tool don't have the translated descriptions (dpkg get 
>     the descriptions from the deb-file and with my solution, in the
>     file is only the english version)
> 5.) a dpkg untranslated descriptions is not a big problem, dpkg is not 
>     for novices (in the first place). 

I beg to differ. There is nothing difficult about dpkg. A half-solution
is worse than no solution at all. I also think that your supposed
benefits are valueless. You lose all the decentralization the packaging
system gives us; debian developers already have to learn to cope with
bug reports on text in languages they do not know (think po files).

see shy jo

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