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Shared directories: Installing the Debian way?

Hi there,

I've an interesting problem here: I've several machines running Slink
here, and those machines have the /usr directory shared! On every machine
there should be the same packages installed.
(I think about sharing some other directories as well.)
Imagine the following scenario:

If I want to install a package on every machine, every machine will need
write access to the /usr directory... This doesn't make sense in my
situation, because I think write access for ONE machine should be
If I install a package on a machine having write access to the shared
(/usr) directory, the package isn't installed properly on the other
machines- the machine doesn't have access to the root (/) of
the others.
And I've consistency problems with the dpkg database, of course: On all
machines but the one I ran dpkg on the package is in the state of being
not installed.

So I need a method to exclude some directories from installation. The best
thing would be (in my case) just to instruct dpkg to ignore everything
under the /usr directory tree. (Because it has been already installed)

Is this possible? I read several man pages, but didn't find anything. And
before I'd start to write huge scripts, I decieded it would be better to
askthe experts (you!) how to do it the Debian way. :)

Any help is greatly appreciated!

		Andreas Jaehnigen

P.S.: Please respond to my mail adress, I'm not subscribed to the list
(yet). Thanks!

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