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Re: New XML-based package description file format?

On Mon, 29 May 2000, Vincent Renardias wrote:

> If I develop a new XML based format and add it to dpkg-scanpackages, is
> there a chance to see is used? (concurently with the current format for
> example).

Well, uh.. I am nearly finished my dpkg-scanpackages (and others)
rewrite/integration so this perl code might not be used anymore.

Furthermore, I don't think it is reasonable to have what amounts to a
giant contents file [rdf includes a file listing] updated even
semi-frequently. These index files add up fast and use lots of bandwidth
to mirror.

Otherwise, what are you going to gain? Write a Package.gz -> XML
translator and people who want to do indexing can use that offline.

> Not only this would allow to unify the format of the Packages and Sources
> files, but it will make the life easier for people who are developping

Erm, they are 'unified' as well as you can unify this disparate data.


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