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Re: Proposal new source archive format

(please reply only to debian-dpkg, discussing this on two lists is
not very helpful).

The main issue I see people talking about is how to handle the
debianisation stuff in a source (ie the debian/ subdirectory).
The problem I had while writing this is that I could not simply
make a tar-archive of the debian/ directory since that would mean
we would no longer have a diff to the original if that also has
a debian/ directory. I'm strongly opposed to that happening,
which is why I opted for the debian.diff like we have now.

Reading the discussion from last week three approaches have been
1. stay with the big diff
2. unpack upstream sources in a seperate directory and have the
  debian/ directory at the same level so we can use a debian/ tarbal
3. for upstream sources without a debian/ subdirectory ship
  debian/ as a tarball
And of course:
4. debian native, just make one tarball

2 and 3 actually have a nice advantage: we can add a check in
dpkg-source to see if all changes to the upstream source have a
corresponding patch somewhere in debian/, and if not abort. 4
is a trivial case. Which leaves 1: should we still support that?


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