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Re: UPGRADING w/static apt & dpkg [quite urgent!]

[-dpkg: see at the end]

On Mon, 1 May 2000, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:

> On Mon, 1 May 2000, J.A. Bezemer wrote:
> > Question: now all apt-things are static, but... does apt-* need dpkg(-*)
> > for any purpose????
> Yes.. and dpkg needs tar, and gzip, and a bunch of other odd ball things
> (like cat, don't ask)

Okay, but that is not a problem, since old libc5 versions of these will work
fine too. (talking e.g. 1.3.1 -> 2.2)  Apt may/will use advanced features of
_dpkg_ that are not yet present in older versions.

I've done some more testing, and it seems apt only needs dpkg, dpkg-deb and
dpkg-split. With static versions of these, I've succeeded in (partially)
upgrading 2.1 to 2.2. At the moment I don't have diskspace and time to test
any other upgrade, but if we have "official" static versions, more people are
likely to give it a try.

> make STATICLIBS=yes LFLAGS=-static 
> Makes static binaries. You don't actually have to change anything. 
> Use ONLYSTATICLIBS=yes if you don't want to wait for the shared library to
> build too. Not building a shlib means the resulting apt package cannot
> provide support for capt, aptitude and gnome-apt.

You even thought about it ;-)

Okay, this seems a very easy way of upgrading, that's worth persuing.
Especially since I don't hear of other ways...

>>>> So, I would urge you to produce "official" static apt and dpkg packages
_now_, because these must go on the potato testing CDs. Also alpha, m68k and
sparc! They should eventually go in debian/dists/potato/main/upgrade-$ARCH,
but since ftpmasters seem to be too busy, you'd possibly better put them on
some private web-locations as well. I'll try to make sure they end up on the
CDs if you tell me where to get them.

My dpkg kludge was in build/Makefile.conf: LDFLAGS = -static and NLS_LIBS =
empty, since there's a symbol clash between libc6 and libintl.

  Anne Bezemer

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