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Re: Proposal new source archive format

Ben Collins wrote:
> By automatic I meant that assuming that the diff between the foo-1.0/
> directory and the foo-1.0.orig/ directory is what every package wants is
> bad. The configure.in case is one such problem along with other generated
> files (such as .y). So for the packaging system to assume that fact is
> wrong and part of the reason a lot of the larger package maintaines have
> moved on to non-standard systems like glibc and gcc have. It is restrictive
> to a lot of things.

I don't really understand their situations, my simple fix in these cases
rm -f configure foo.y
in debian/rules clean.

But if people need it fine, I just want to stress that I need the
current functionality to be there too.

> This does not mean that there can't be an easy way to create diffs, nor
> even an automated tool for doing so, but the source-package program should
> not assume this fact. The diffing of source should be interactive, even if
> it is automated. How many developers do you think actually stop and check
> .diff.gz before uploading anyway?[1]

Interactive and automated? You've lost me.

> [1] I do, and I'm sure you do, but our current system does not even allow
> for the maintainer to interact with the diff's much less decide how it is
> created.

I look at my diffs. I don't interact with them. Still don't get what you
mean unless interact == edit in which case: eeew!

see shy jo

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